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GemCraft Labyrinth

Online is a complex strategy game built on the classic tower defense fund. 169 tracks disinfected through the swarming insect monsters that are trying to destroy the gömbödet. The google game's story is still there, so you should do as many track to fully unfold the story. In this game you can build lövegtornyokat not different, but you can get your local towers of various gems, which have a variety of special features (mana sucked, more monster shot, they slow down, etc). The skills early in the game has not much significance, but as a stronger wizard (20 kinds of skill has increased you can), it will be more money for more expensive pieces. Whether you can combine gems thus creating even more powerful weapons with which we visszaverhetjük the attacking army of monsters. Towers next to the traps, amplifiers and also belerakhatjuk gems into the altar, thereby increasing the diversity of the game. Anyone who seriously fall on this strategic game is to get ready for her long hours on the monitor in front will nail believe - it may be worth the premium will also buy it greatly enhanced the game and the Hungarian development team created - do not regret them the money.

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